We have a passion for trading, and develop our own tools and EA's that make our trading lives more profitable and rewarding. We think you should profit from them, too!

All tools are developed for use on the Metatrader MT4 platform. If requested, we will send you the updated MT5 item once developed, FREE. That's like an automatic upgrade.

Bundle #2: Series P for GbpUsd, Multi Bar Lower Risk, and Close All By Symbols.

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Welcome to the newest set of EA's for MetaTrader 4 know as Series P. These are tuned trading implements, that you may customize to suit your trading style. More importantly, they also form a stand-alone trading system, right out of the box!

We like to think that the trader who is using Forex to make money, in any amount, needs multiple tools that work for that trader. We like to manage our risk and take bites. LOTS of bites. Why use only one robot or system? We have multiple tools in our arsenal.

Series P for EurUsd is one such tool.

(An Expert Advisor and tool)

Multi Bar is also very useful.

(An Expert Advisor)

Close With Profit can also help with trading.

(An Expert Advisor that is a tool - automatically closes all your trades at a set profit)

Did you know there are many other "not-so-perfect" trades available, many times per hour, day, or week, that still profit? That's right! Did you know there is no "Holy Grail" robot or trading system? Right again! There is only YOUR perfect system, what makes YOU money.

There are so many products out there that focus on finding only the best trades available, on a larger scale. Good philosophy, but with large trades come the potential for large drawdowns. Leverage makes sure there is a balance. So, how many times can you make those trades?

Look at some of the other robots and systems out there. Look at the size of their trades and how far they drawdown. How much risk are you willing to take? Could you handle streaks like that? Look at the average return per trade. Now, how many times does it trade? Some do trade frequently, and even with low per-trade returns, they can generate a pretty sizeable profit.

Which one "fits the bill" of large, consistent wins, with low drawdown? Nobody knows, but that's the "Holy Grail" every trader wants. Limitless profit, limited risk. That would be great!

Now, there are those systems that can and do win big, but what if you are on the drawdown side before the big win? Could your account balance handle it? Could you sleep at night?

Small trades, multiplied many times over, can get you where you want to be. If you're like us, you don't want to lose your money in one bad trade, and then have to try over again. Use multiple strategies and tools, manage your risk, take small bites, and see what happens!

Some results: NET pips using Series P.

Multi Bar shows great profits here, too!